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Optimizing Your Site for Google AdSense Approval in Nigeria

Welcome to the Google AdSense post, where we'll explore the best practices to help you get your site approved for AdSense in Nigeria. I'm Dele Paragon, and I'll provide you with three crucial recommendations to increase your chances of getting your site approved.

Before diving into these best practices, allow me to introduce them to you. We'll start with the first best practice, ensuring that your site has the correct ad code. Then, we'll move on to the second practice, focusing on site availability. Finally, we'll discuss program policies to guarantee your site's compliance with AdSense policies.

Best Practice 1: Ad Code Accuracy

Our first best practice emphasizes the importance of having the correct and complete ad code. Once you've generated the ad code, it's essential to insert it into your site's HTML. The ad code should be placed within the head tag or at the top of your page's body, without making any alterations. It's crucial to ensure that the ad code is placed on the same site you've registered in your AdSense account. Alternatively, you can verify your site ownership in Google Search Console. When we detect your site verification in Search Console, we'll proceed to assess if your site is ready to display ads.

Best Practice 2: Site Availability

Site accessibility is the focus of our second best practice. We often review websites that might be inaccessible or not loading correctly, making it impossible for us to assess them. To address this, verify that the URL you used for AdSense registration is correct and operational globally. If your site requires a password for access, it may be considered unavailable. In such cases, consider temporarily removing the login screen so that we can access your site. Additionally, ensure that you haven't blocked our crawler in your robot's .TXT file to prevent any crawler-related issues. More details on why your site may be unreachable can be found in the Help Center.

Best Practice 3: Policy Compliance

The final best practice underscores the significance of adhering to AdSense's program policies and content guidelines. To increase your approval chances, avoid three common policy violations:

Low-Value Content: Ensure your content is original and valuable to your audience.

Replicated Content: Keep your content unique, avoiding repetition across different pages of your site.

Site Navigation: Make sure your site is user-friendly with easy navigation, categorized content and accessible menu bars.

Remember that we may review all pages of your website, not just the signup URL where the ad code is placed. Therefore, it's essential to maintain valuable, non-repetitive and easy-to-navigate content on every page. Additionally, consider placing the ad code on your site's most popular page to expedite the recognition process. Lastly, avoid removing your site from the sites list as this could delay the review process.

To sum it up, follow these key points for a successful AdSense account activation:

Use the ad code exactly as provided in your AdSense account.

Ensure your site is accessible.

Review and adhere to AdSense program policies.

We hope this post has provided valuable insights into how you can optimize your site for AdSense approval. For further information, please visit the AdSense Help Center and the AdSense website. Don't forget to subscribe to the Google AdSense channel for more best practices on site optimization and growth.

Thank you for reading and feel free to share any suggestions or questions in the comments section. Your input is valuable in helping us create content that meets your needs.

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