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How to Earn N1000 per Hour: Your Guide to Online Money-Making

Are you interested in making N1000 every hour from the comfort of your smartphone or laptop? It's not only possible but easy to achieve. In this guide, we'll walk you through the process, utilizing the platform known as

What is is a freelancing platform where you can complete various online tasks and get paid for each task you successfully finish. It's your gateway to becoming a DigitalProfitPro and unlocking those income streams.

Getting Started

Before we dive into the details, we have a special offer for you. If you use our referral link to register, you'll receive a bonus of 500 Naira once you complete your first task. This bonus won't be available if you sign up without the referral link.

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The Registration Process

1. Click on our referral link, which will take you to the registration form.

2. Fill in your name, create a username, and enter your email address.

3. Set a password for your account.

4. Confirm the password and complete the sign-up process.

5. You'll receive a confirmation code via email. Use it to verify your account.

Your Dashboard

Once you're registered and verified, you'll gain access to your dashboard. This is where you'll track your earnings, see available jobs, and much more.

Completing Tasks

To start making money, click on "Available Jobs" in the drop-down menu. Here, you'll find a variety of tasks with different pay rates. Look for high-paying jobs to maximize your earnings.

Why Choose High-Paying Jobs?

Low-paying tasks may take a long time to accumulate a significant amount. The minimum withdrawal limit on is 2000 Naira, so aim to reach this threshold efficiently.

Sample Task: YouTube Subscriptions

For example, let's take the task of subscribing to YouTube channels. Click "View Job" for the task you want to complete. Follow the instructions, such as subscribing to the provided link, and you'll earn money for your effort.

Proof and Payment

To confirm your work, take a screenshot of your completed task. This screenshot serves as proof that you've completed the job. Submit this screenshot on the NairaWorkers website to receive your payment.

How Much Can You Earn?

The pay for tasks varies, but for demonstration purposes, let's consider a task that pays 36 Naira. To make 1000 Naira, you would need to complete approximately 28 tasks. With a good internet connection, this can be done in under an hour. You can continue working to earn more or return the next day.


Earning N1000 per hour online is possible with As you interact on social media and perform daily online activities, you can convert your time into money. Start making money today and use this opportunity to improve your financial situation.

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