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Automate Your WhatsApp for Enhanced Sales and Customer Interaction

Welcome back to my blog; I'm Dele Paragon. In this post, I'll show you how to automate your WhatsApp to boost sales and maintain customer interactions even when you're not actively available. If you're new here, welcome! My blog is all about making money online, so please subscribe to stay updated. If you find the content useful, please give this post a thumbs up. Your engagement helps reach more people.

WhatsApp is the second most widely used social media platform in Nigeria, right after Facebook. It's an invaluable tool for businesses to interact with customers and leads effectively. WhatsApp boasts a higher open rate for messages than email, making it a potent channel for product promotions. Leveraging WhatsApp for business can significantly improve your sales and interactions.

In this post, I'll demonstrate how to create custom WhatsApp links that direct users to your WhatsApp DM with a predefined message. We'll also learn how to shorten these links for a neater appearance. The real game-changer is using autoresponders to automate your WhatsApp marketing process, ensuring you can attend to your customers even when you're away.

Creating Custom WhatsApp Links

To create a custom WhatsApp link, you can use the Postcron WhatsApp Link Generator. Start by entering your phone number and the initial message that users will see when they click the link. For this example, let's assume we're marketing bags. The message could be something like, "Hi Dele Paragon, I saw your ad on Facebook and I'm interested in getting one of those bags."

Click the "Get Link" button, and you'll receive your custom WhatsApp link. However, these links can be quite lengthy, so it's best to use a URL shortening service like TinyURL. Copy the shortened link, and you're ready to use it for your marketing campaigns.

Selecting an Autoresponder

There are various WhatsApp autoresponders available, but I recommend two reliable options: Auto Reply for WhatsApp and AutoResponder for WhatsApp. These applications have worked well for me without any issues. Search and install via Play Store or Apple Store

Setting Up Auto Reply for WhatsApp

After installing Auto Reply for WhatsApp, you can begin setting it up.

First, create an account, which is a straightforward process.

Click the plus icon (+) to create a new autoresponder.

Select the WhatsApp version you want the autoresponder to function with. WhatsApp Business is the preferred choice for businesses.

Enter the predefined message that users will send when they click your custom link. In our example, it's the message from the custom link we generated.

Choose the type of match; it's advisable to use "contain" to ensure the autoresponder responds to variations of the message.

Set your response message, for instance, "Thank you for showing interest in the bags."

Define the delay in seconds (0 seconds ensures an immediate response).

Set the response to go to individuals.

Save the message, and your autoresponder is set.

Test Your Autoresponder

Always test your autoresponder to ensure it functions correctly. By sending a message that matches your predefined message, you can confirm that the autoresponder responds as expected.

Expanding Your Autoresponder

To address different customer inquiries effectively, create specific autoresponder messages for various scenarios. For example, if a customer replies with "I want the red bag," you can set up an autoresponder message detailing the red bag's price and payment instructions.

Remember to create specific autoresponder messages for different colors or variations of your product. As you address various customer inquiries, your autoresponder will save you time and enhance customer interaction.

In conclusion, automating your WhatsApp marketing with custom links and autoresponders can significantly boost your sales and customer interactions. The power of WhatsApp lies in its efficiency and high open rates for messages. By employing these strategies, you can attend to your customers' needs even when you're away, closing deals and growing your business.

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