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Unlocking Income Opportunities on Jiji: Your Ultimate Guide

In this post, we're about to reveal how you can dive into the world of income generation on Jiji. Whether you're already familiar with Jiji or it's your first time hearing about it, this e-commerce platform connects sellers and buyers, creating a marketplace where products and services change hands. So, you can either buy or sell on Jiji. This post will be your guide to starting your journey of making money on Jiji.

Flexible Money-Making

The beauty of Jiji is its flexibility. You can use it as a part-time side hustle, which is ideal for students or anyone looking to earn extra cash or you can dive in full-time. The choice is yours. The strategy we're about to share can potentially help you make up to N5000 or even more per month, depending on your niche and commitment level.

Location-Specific Advantage

One unique feature of Jiji is its location-specific focus. It operates within Nigeria, specifically across the 36 states of the country. You have the power to concentrate on a particular region, which simplifies reaching your target audience. For example, if you reside in Ogun State, there are 16,589 products and services listed from Ogun State alone. You can tailor your offerings to a specific location or even a particular local government area, giving you a niche advantage.

Let's Begin the Journey

Now, let's delve into how you can kickstart your money-making journey on Jiji.

You can buy a wide range of products or services on Jiji, including properties, mobile phones, electronics, furniture and even pets. However, the most reliable way to generate income is by selling a product or offering a service.

To get started, head to Jiji's website or use their mobile app, which is available on your favorite app store. Sign up with your email address.

Once you're registered, explore the "Sell" option. You can choose whether you're offering a product or service. If you don't have a physical product to sell, focus on services.

Within the "Services" category, you'll find various options like classes, courses, mechanics, building and more. Pick the one that aligns with your skills and expertise. For instance, if you're knowledgeable in a subject or craft, you can offer lessons or tutorials.

Add a clear photo to make your ad more visually appealing. Select your target location, specifying the state and local government area where you'll provide your service.

Fill in essential details, including the title, category, company name (or your name) and a brief description of the service you're offering. You can also set the price for your service and if it's negotiable, enable that option.

Promoting your ad can give it more visibility. Jiji offers a paid option to boost your ad to the top of their website or you can choose the free option if you're just starting out.

After completing the ad details, hit "Post Ad." You'll receive an SMS to confirm your service listing. Jiji will then start promoting your ad to potential customers who are actively searching for services like yours.

Strategizing for Success

The key to success on Jiji is consistency. If you're offering services, setting competitive prices and promoting your ad can attract potential customers. For instance, if you're offering home lessons at N5000 Naira per student and manage to secure 10 students, you'll earn N50,000 Naira. Promoting your ad can further increase your income.


The potential for earning on Jiji is significant. Your income will depend on your niche, dedication and marketing strategy. Remember, Jiji is an ideal platform to exchange value for income, whether you're selling products or offering services. If you found this guide helpful, please subscribe to our blog for more content like this.

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