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Mastering Audience Targeting on Facebook and Instagram After the iOS 14 Update

In the ever-evolving world of digital marketing, the iOS 14 update has presented new challenges for audience targeting on Facebook and Instagram. In this comprehensive post, I, Courage, a seasoned digital marketer from Nigeria, unveil four strategic audience groups that have consistently delivered outstanding results. These audiences have been the secret sauce behind successful ad campaigns, including those I've crafted for clients. By targeting these audiences effectively, you can unlock the potential for remarkable advertising outcomes.

Audience Group 1: Broad Audience Targeting

One often overlooked strategy is broad audience targeting. This approach works exceptionally well for products or services with universal appeal, meaning they cater to a wide demographic. Consider items that could be useful to a broad spectrum of people, such as affordable blenders or plug-in mosquito killers. For such products, the potential audience is vast. Here's how to set it up:

Begin by selecting your location, like Lagos within Nigeria.

Choose your preferred age range. It should align with the typical age group of your potential customers.

Gender preference is also important. Decide if your product is gender-specific or for all genders.

Let Facebook's algorithm handle interest targeting. Leave it open to allow the platform to find the right audience.

Audience Group 2: Stacked Interest Targeting

For niche-specific products, stacked interest targeting is the way to go. It's effective for items that belong to a specific class of consumers. For instance, if you sell products exclusively for Toyota car users, your audience is clearly defined. Here's how to set up stacked interest targeting:

Select gender, location, and age, as before.

When it comes to interest targeting, stack similar interests. If you cater to Toyota users, consider stacking interests such as "Toyota Camry," "Toyota Corolla," and other related terms.

Aim for three to five stacked interests, focusing on the niches your product belongs to.

Audience Group 3: Super Look-alike Audiences

Super look-alike audiences are a powerful tool if you have a website. These audiences are more specific than regular look-alikes. They are created by targeting people who have taken specific actions on your site. To create super look-alikes, follow these steps:

Select gender, location, and age according to your target demographic.

When defining your audience, create custom audiences based on actions like "add to cart," "payment info added," "initiate checkout," or "purchase." These custom audiences form the foundation for super look-alikes.

The more specific the action, the more accurate the super look-alike audience. If your business lacks a website, continue with look-alike audiences based on video engagement and interaction.

Audience Group 4: Custom Audiences

Custom audiences are people who are already familiar with your brand. They've engaged with your business and know what you offer. For these audiences, you should focus on creating irresistible offers because they already have trust in your brand. To set up custom audiences:

Based on your gender, location, and age criteria, define your audience parameters.

Target those who have engaged with your business, such as previous customers or those who have watched more than 50% of your videos.

Create an attractive offer to present to your custom audiences.

In addition to audience targeting, remember that your ad's creative elements, copy and brand positioning play vital roles in the success of your advertising campaigns. While audience targeting is crucial, it's only one piece of the puzzle. Focus on crafting compelling ad creatives and captivating copy to maximize your campaign's effectiveness.

By implementing these audience targeting strategies, you'll set yourself on the path to remarkable results in your Facebook and Instagram advertising endeavors. If you've found this guide helpful, please show your support by liking, leaving a comment with any questions and sharing this post with others who may benefit.

With these strategies, you're ready to navigate the evolving landscape of digital marketing and drive success in your advertising campaigns. 

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