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Effortless Guide: Send Bulk Emails Online for Free - Up to 2000 Emails at Once!


In this guide, I'll show you how to send bulk emails online for free. You can send up to 2000 emails at once, repeatedly and without any cost. To get started, please give this article a like so the algorithm knows you're here. Follow the steps below to send bulk emails effortlessly.

Step 1: Sign Up for Free

Begin by visiting the link provided in the description of this article. This link will take you to a platform called "" Click on "Sign Up for Free" and enter your email address. Once you've signed up, you'll be directed to your dashboard.

Step 2: Addressing the Bounce Rate

Before sending emails, it's crucial to address the bounce rate issue. A high bounce rate occurs when emails cannot be delivered due to invalid or unavailable email addresses. Make sure you verify emails. Verifying your email list will improve your email deliverability.

Step 3: Convert Email Files to CSV

The only file format supported for email sending on is CSV. If you have email lists in other formats, such as Microsoft Word, you'll need to convert them to CSV. Visit "," where you can easily convert your files to CSV format. Simply upload your document and select CSV as the output format. Download the converted file.

Step 4: Create Tags for Segmentation

To organize your contacts effectively, create tags. Tags allow you to categorize your contacts based on different criteria, such as the type of email campaign. For instance, you might have tags for affiliate marketing, YouTube tutorial subscribers, or blogging master class attendees. To create tags, go to your dashboard, hover over "Contact," and click on "Tags."

Step 5: Import Contacts

To import your contacts, click on "Contact" and then "Import Contact." Before importing, ensure your email list is clean and free of invalid addresses. You'll be prompted to upload the CSV file you converted earlier. Select the appropriate tag for the imported contacts. This step ensures you have a segmented list for targeted email campaigns.

Step 6: Compose Your Email

Now, it's time to compose your email. Go to "Emails," click "Newsletter," and create a new newsletter. Craft a compelling subject line, sender name and sender email. Note that using a custom domain email address (e.g., is recommended for better email deliverability.

Step 7: Use the Classic Editor

For improved deliverability, choose the classic editor. While the visual editor allows for images and formatting, the classic editor focuses on plain text, which is better for email deliverability.

Step 8: Create Your Message

Compose your email message in the classic editor. Remember that a well-crafted subject line can improve your email's chances of reaching the inbox. Ensure your message provides value and is error-free.

Step 9: Add Links

Include any relevant links in your email. Make sure to use "https" in your URLs to enhance deliverability. Avoid using "http."

Step 10: Select Recipients

Choose the tag(s) that you wish to send your email to. You can also exclude specific tags if necessary. Be cautious to send only to contacts who have given permission to receive your emails.

Step 11: Send the Email

Finally, click "Send" to deliver your email. will send your emails in batches, monitoring delivery rates. The platform will gradually increase the number of emails sent based on your account's performance.


With this straightforward guide, you can send bulk emails online for free, reaching up to 2000 contacts at once. By following these steps and adhering to email list hygiene, you can effectively connect with your audience and make the most of your email marketing efforts. 

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